My Story

Wear Your Happiness, By LiatRL

"Life is too short to wear boring clothes."
(Cushnie et Ochs)

The Beginning of a Dream

I remember, when I was a little girl, my mom used to create and sew clothes for me that were inspired by patterns we found on fashion magazines that she bought. Growing up, I used to go to school in beautifully and uniquely patterned clothes. That was when I started to love fashion and the love grew through the years and became a dream.

Working on the Dream

When I grew up, it became clear that designing was to be my passion and profession. I got my B.A degree in Visual Communication at Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design, and my degree of Masters of Design in Industrial Design. I have also participated in a student exchange program to Barcelona, Spain where I was immersed to various vibrant cultures and styles, many of which has influenced my creations and became inspirations to some of my designs, both in the past and the present.

Afterwards, I worked in a well-known studio as a design manager for brands, designing books and magazines. I have worked on book illustrations and made one myself, which made a huge success.

I have loved my work in designing but my passion for fashion flourished. With my knowledge in graphic design, print and experiences from my travels, I decided to start turning my dream into reality and created my very own fashion brand - LiatRL.

Making The Dream Come True - LiatRL

LiatRL is a fashion brand that aims to cater every woman’s energy and bring forth happiness through designs and illustrations. I draw my inspirations from nature - both animals and vegetation, from antique embroidered garments I found at my grandma’s, from history of art and pretty much everything beautiful in our surroundings.

Each clothing piece is designed and made with the greatest love and care and the finest quality. The print is fused with the cloth to make a garment uniquely designed by me, and then, the pattern is sewed. The selections are made up of complementing patterns that are also comfortable to wear while delivering my credo as a woman and as a designer.

Dress Differently. Dress Joyfully. Wear Your Happiness.