10 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout At Home

10_ways home_workout Motivate_Yourself Workout_At_Home

These Covid19 times, have changed our lives: We wear masks, we wash our hand very often, we need to stay at home, or we can go out under certain limitations.

For those of us who can’t go to the gym and want to start a workout plan, or for those who wish to keep up with their existing routine, I wrote The 10 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout At Home Guide

1. Mark It In Your Calendar

Making time for a home workout, can be even more challenging.
It’s not easy to find a 20-40 minute time frame if there are kids running around, or other distractions.
Try to find a quiet time, and schedule it in advance ( early in the morning? Late at night?). Make sure everyone knows it’s your time, so that there will be no interference.

2. Follow The Inspiration

So now that you’ve got the time, what kind of workout are you going to choose?
There are so many workout videos around the web! All you’ve got to do is find an instructor that motivates you. A professional instructor, will guide you through their plan, will explain about the different exercises and will show alternatives for beginners/ advanced athletes.
Find someone who inspires you, follow them, learn from them, feel like your spending time with them, and you’ll feel energized and motivated
I like to workout with these following instructors: Libby Christensen (USA), Cindy Yu (Can), Kim French (UK), Omer Zuri (ISR)

3. Feel Like You Belong

Being part of a community, will help you keep working-out at home.
Many of the fitness instructors and nutritionists, have an Instagram profile, a Facebook page or a blog, where they share their tips, answer questions and communicate with their followers. When you feel like you’re part of a group, you feel like you belong, you feel motivated and get to learn about what works best for you.
4. Get A Partner

You don’t have to workout alone, even if you workout in your own Livingroom!
Technology lets you workout with a partner and even with a group of friends!
Choose your workout, (remember tip#2?), set up a computer with a webcam, and chat with your friend in between sets.

5. Make It Interesting

Make your home your own studio!
Mix between types of workouts.
Try to schedule HIT trainings, upper/lower body sessions, yoga, mobility or dance lessons….Make it interesting and let yourself try different things to see what works best for you.

6. Get Ready

Don’t workout in your pajamas!
Imagine you’re going to the gym or to the studio: Choose your favorite outfit, like this one, wear a cool pair of sneakers and head right to the Livingroom! (or any other room).

7. Pump Up The Volume

Choose a sporty playlist, pump up the volume and let yourself carry away.
If you don’t want to disturb anyone, get some fun headphones and sing along like no-one can hear you!

8. Look At Yourself

If you can, try to workout in front of a mirror.
Why? Because it helps you, to make sure you’re doing the exercise right and to improve your technic. Also, you’ll feel proud to see yourself getting better from one exercise to another. 

9. Get The Gear

Adding new gear helps to make things more interesting: A dumbbell, a set of sports bands, a kettlebell, a fit ball or even a new yoga mat, can help you feel a bit more excited about your next home workout session. Also, adding some weight or resistance, increases the difficulty level of your routine.

10. Celebrate

Working out at home is not always easy. You need to schedule the time, find the right program, keep it interesting and stay motivated to do it over and over again!
So if you’ve managed to pass all the obstacles and found a way to keep an active routine after all, you deserve to celebrate. Celebrate your success! Be proud of yourself. You did it!

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