10 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout


We all know how important it is, to exercise and to keep a steady workout routine. However, sometimes, going out for a run, or heading to the gym feels like another task in our busy schedule. We then tend to convince ourselves, that this specific task, isn’t in top priority, so we move it to tomorrow or to “whenever”. 

Here are 10 little tips that I’ve gathered, for these low motivation days or periods. These tips will help you keep up with your routine and end your day with a smile on your face.


  1. Remember why you started

    Whether it’s for health reasons, dieting, a personal challenge or just for fun, Write down your goal, with an additional personal sentence, and read it every time you feel like quitting.

  2. Save the date

    Schedule you workout time in advance. Mark it in your calendar, setup a time and place, don’t cancel it and don’t move it (remember tip #1?).

  3. Let the world know

    If you say it out load, most cases you’ll follow through.
    If you tell someone that you’re going to run tonight, you make a commitment for both them and yourself. Some people also use social media to tell about their goals. If that works for you – Why not? Post a story of “Before & After” of your workout routine.

  4. Make a change

    Like everything we do on a regular basis, also working out can make us feel bored. In these cases, I would recommend to make a change: If you’re a runner - Choose a different route or location, change the training method (intervals, Fartlek …). If you’re going to the gym - Maybe, it’s time to change your workout plan? Maybe you should try a studio class? 

  5. Get a workout partner

    If you know that there’s someone who is waiting for you, most chances you won’t bailout on them. Make sure it’s someone who is motivated and very much engaged, so that they’ll give you that extra boost. 
    When you find the right workout partner, sometimes they motivate you, and sometimes they need you to push them a little – Just like every friendship.

  6. Make it festive

    Get ready for your workout routine. Make it a fun event, just like going out to a movie or to a night out with a friend: Wear a cool outfit to uplift your mood, wear your favorite sneakers, and pack everything to a fun bag. When you look like you’re ready for your routine, you also feel ready.
    If you don’t feel like changing, you can always start your day with fun leggings, that you can wear to the office and then just change the top and go straight to the gym.

  7. Get a “Power Song”

    Music can make all the difference. Make a fun playlist that you can listen to during your workout. Choose songs or rhythms that will make you move. Make one of the songs your “Power Song” – A song that helps you keep going if you struggle in the middle of your routine.
    Some will prefer to listen to a Podcast or a lecture. That is also great, as long as it keeps you going.

  8. Remember: It’s not all or nothing

    If you’re sitting on the sofa, thinking about getting ready, thinking about all the miles you’re about to run, or about how sweaty you’re going to be at the gym, and it feels almost impossible to go out, ask yourself: What is possible? What makes sense for me right now: Can I run for just ten minutes? Can I walk a little around the block? You don’t always have to push yourself to the limit. Sometimes it’s better to do something, than not to do anything at all.

  9. Celebrate your success

    Were you able to go out there after all? Way to go! You deserve a little celebration. Be proud of yourself!
    Write down what made you make the change, so that you can read it next time, when you feel you need a little motivation.

  10. Be kind to yourself

    Have you tried all of the above and still don’t feel like going out there?
    It’s OK. You don’t have to workout every day.
    Workout is something you choose to do ( tip #1). Don’t punish yourself if you missed one routine. Stand in front on the mirror, smile at yourself, and get ready for tomorrow, which is a whole new day, and just keep going.

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